About us

The company Play Systems Sp. z o.o.

We are a company that has been on the market for almost 10 years. We have been cooperating with many Polish and foreign playground manufacturers for years, and thanks to this we have already completed over 2,000 successful investments.

We constantly care for the highest quality and safety of our products. The increasing demands of investors motivate us to continuous development and expand our offer with new products.

We are proud that we are contributing to the creation of an increasing number of professional playgrounds, because the most important is safety, good fun and smile of playing children.

The highest quality

For supporting structures, we use posts made of 304 stainless steel. The platforms are made of galvanized, powder-coated steel, covered with a non-slip plate. Panels, roofs and entrance barriers are made of HDPE or HPL. Slides, entrance steps, entrance mushrooms are made in rotomoulding technology, and therefore our playgrounds are durable and have a unique character. An innovative system of connections (clamps and fasteners) enables the extension of each set with additional play modules.


Attractive look

The excellent quality of the materials we use, and careful workmanship, put our company at the forefront of world playground producers. Our products look great for many years, and also fulfill their functions for a long time. Thanks to new designs of our devices, our playgrounds are unique and unrepeatable.

Profesjonalna kadra 

Jesteśmy specjalistami w kompleksowym wykonawstwie placów zabaw oraz terenów rekreacyjno – sportowych. Naszym głównym zadaniem jest budowa placu marzeń Twojego dziecka.
Realizacja głównego zadania jest możliwa dzięki profesjonalnej obsłudze w zakresie: 
- Wyposażenia placów zabaw w urządzenia zabawowe, rekreacyjne oraz komunalne. 
- Wyposażenie terenów sportowych w urządzenia siłowni zewnętrznej,
- Doradztwa zarówno na poziomie projektowym jak i wykonawczym. 
- Projektowanie w zakresie zagospodarowania terenu.